Enforce Administrator: Simple, automated system hardening

Use Enforce Administrator for sustainable and permanent system hardening to secure your IT systems against data breaches and cyber criminals. And bring your IT systems up to the state of the art.

Create a “self-healing system” with the Enforce Administrator. And all this is fully automated for your entire IT system landscape, without having to write a single line of source code!

System Hardening | What does the Enforce Administrator do?

System hardening is an efficient and effective way to reduce the attack surface of your IT systems. This enables you to configure your operating systems, software and cloud applications in such a way that they are better protected against hacker and similar attacks. Among other things, this is achieved by disabling unneeded services and revoking unneeded permissions.

With system hardening you ensure better information security, more data protection and adherence to strict compliance requirements.

The Enforce Administrator is the perfect solution for hardening complex IT system landscapes centrally and fully automatically. And it does so permanently, always based on globally recognized hardening standards.

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Features | What does the Enforce Administrator offer?

The Enforce Administrator supports you in these three areas:

1) Fully automated system hardening

With the Enforce Administrator, you perform automated system hardening based on proven standards. These include the latest recommendations from DISA (Defense Information Systems Agency), CIS (Center for Internet Security), BSI (German Federal Office for Information Security) and ACSC (Australian Cyber Security Center) and Microsoft.

This will harden your IT systems based on Windows 10, Windows Server and SQL Server, products such as Microsoft Office and browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, and many more. And that across your entire IT system landscape. Centralized, automated and permanent.

Enforce Administrator - Benchmark Select (Bild: FB Pro GmbH)

2) Fast evaluations of the compliance status

In accordance with various legal requirements and regulations (such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR), companies must create documentation and logs to record the status of IT security.

The Enforce Administrator offers an integrated audit function. Changes and improvements can also be logged in order to comply with legal obligations to provide evidence.

Enforce Administrator - Report (Bild: FB Pro GmbH)

3) Systems management of your systems

The Enforce Administrator is suitable for medium-sized and large companies. The hardening of hundreds as well as thousands of systems and far more are the strength of the system hardening solution – even in heterogeneous infrastructures with a low degree of standardization.

The administration of your IT systems (client, server, etc.) as well as the server roles and groups is done via the easy-to-use dashboard of the Enforce Administrator.


    • Reporting function via each server

    • Compliance status to target specifications

    • Automatic alarm function for definable events

    • Management of servers, server roles and groups

    • Centralized management of multiple stages

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Overview | Why use the Enforce Administrator?

The number of cyberattacks has been increasing massively for several years. Almost 90 percent of all companies were affected by malware, DDoS, phishing, ransomware and similar attacks in 2021, according to the Cyberthreat Report 2021. This resulted in sabotage, espionage and data leakage.

graph: cyber attacks compromised it systems (Source: Retarus.com)

Attacks on IT systems of companies, public authorities or even hospitals have thus long since become a real scenario, and defense against these attacks an essential and indispensable duty for IT decision-makers in implementation, responsibly borne by the management.

Security experts and companies expect the number of attacks to increase in the coming years, especially in the area of critical infrastructures (CRITIS).

FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Which systems can the Enforce Administrator harden?

The Enforce Administrator specializes in hardening the following systems:

  • Windows 10 / 11
  • Windows Server 2016 / 2019 / 2022
  • Microsoft Office 2016 (Word, Excel, etc.)
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • And more...

With regular updates, more hardening recommendations can be used, the scope of supported systems increases. For example, automated hardening of Windows 11 is under development.

Can it also be used to harden large and complex IT system landscapes?

Yes, Enforce Administrator is ideally suited to the demanding requirements of large mid-sized and enterprise companies where complex system landscapes need to be hardened centrally, simply and automatically.

The hardening of hundreds or thousands of systems - even in heterogeneous infrastructures with a low level of standardization - is perfectly possible with the Enforce Administrator.

What hardening recommendations are included?

With the Enforce Administrator, you can harden your IT systems according to the recommendations of these organizations and companies:

+ DISA: Defence Information Systems Agency

+ CIS: Center for Internet Security

+ ACSC: Australian Cyber Security Center

+ BSI: German Federal Office for Information Security

+ Microsoft

And others...

Hardening measures are regularly updated to reflect the latest recommendations. For example, Enforce Administrator supports the specifications of the BSI's latest SiSyPHuS study.

What is #NoCodeHardening?

With the Enforce Administrator, you can harden your IT systems automatically without having to write a single line of program code. In terms of system hardening, we call this no-code principle "No Code Hardening" or #NoCodeHardening.

Are the systems automatically state of the art afterwards?

With the Enforce Administrator, you can configure your IT systems to the state of the art with manageable effort - based on standards, transparent via comprehensive reporting and verifiable via various automatic reports / dashboards with export option.

How often should system hardening be performed?

System hardening is not a one-time process, but an ongoing one. This is because new security vulnerabilities and attack vectors are found on a regular basis, which can be closed by configuring systems, among other things.

With Enforce Administrator, you can significantly simplify system hardening. This is because the hardening tool automatically monitors all systems and independently makes corrections when changes are made - regardless of whether they were made by mistake or deliberately.

Is there an audit and reporting function for legal compliance?

Yes, the Enforce Administrator offers an integrated audit function. Changes and improvements can also be logged in order to fulfill the legal obligations to provide evidence - for example, within the framework of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

What are the benefits of using the Enforce Administrator?

These are the biggest plus points:

  • Reduction of testing effort through successfully tested configuration packages - including for GDPR compliance, workstation hardening, and Windows server configurations.

  • Enterprise-wide distribution of hardening and data protection settings as well as other configurations

  • Time-controlled processing of jobs including transparent management view

  • Easy integration and automation via REST APIs

  • Automatic preparation of new IT systems for integration, for example firewall and authorization checks, certificate creation, technical configuration, and more

  • Integration in system environments by using various standards (including OAuth2.0, Kerberos)

  • Secure identity management, encrypted storage of credentials, fully encrypted based on current algorithms.

What does the Enforce Administrator cost?

The recommended retail price for license costs are:

  • 6€ per system/month or 72€ per system/year.

  • From 1,000 hardened systems, our discount scales take effect.

  • We are happy to assist with installation, setup, hardening definitions, etc.

Where and how to buy Enforce Administrator?

Send us the number of systems you would like to harden by mail. We will be happy to send you a non-binding offer.

What is the contract model?

When you order Enforce Administrator from us, you get the desired number of licenses for the agreed period. After that, the contract expires and you can renew it if you wish.

Once you have purchased the licenses, your IT staff will have to install, set up and maintain the Enforce Administrator. You can reduce the effort by adding our Managed Service.

What does the Enforce Administrator Managed Service offer?

With the Managed Service, the experts at FB Pro GmbH look after the operation of the Enforce Administrator and the compliance of the IT systems in your company. This also includes the activation of your IT system when defined events occur.

Our service for you in detail looks like this:

  • Updating of the Enforce Administrator

  • Back-up / restore service

  • Processing of change requests for hardening requests

  • Testing of new configurations

  • Inclusion of new systems in the hardening process

  • Rollback of incorrect configurations

  • Consulting for desired changes to configurations

Your Managed Service benefits:

  • Installation and setup

  • Performance of compliance checks and audits

  • Analysis of reporting

  • Triggering of incidents

  • Operation of the system

  • Scalable costs with transparent billing

  • Collaboration according to clearly defined SLA

  • Alleviation of the shortage of skilled workers.

References | What do customers think?

“The Enforce Administrator helped us to secure our server landscape and workstations to the state of the art. The cooperation with the specialists of FB Pro GmbH was goal-oriented, efficient and professional.”

Florian Brugger / Project Manager IT Infrastructure STADTWERK AM SEE

“FB Pro GmbH helped us to secure our servers and applications including the web servers and database to the state of the art. Justified inquiries from our customers and interested parties about the implemented system hardening could thus be easily and transparently proven!”

Tobias Bartsch / Managing Director AVEO Solutions GmbH

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