Enforce Administrator has passed another penetration test with flying colors!

And again there is a certificate for Enforce Administrator: Our security configuration management solution for hardening IT systems passed an important security test again.

How secure is the Enforce Administrator?

Enforce Administrator ensures that IT systems are automatically hardened. This includes, among other things, the secure configuration of Office applications such as Excel and Word, as well as hardening of Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016/2019 as a whole on operating system level.

Because Enforce Administrator hardens complex infrastructures with hundreds or even thousands of systems without users having to write a line of program code for it, it is known as a #NoCodeHardening tool. This makes Enforce Administrator an important and efficient measure to significantly reduce attack vectors and therefor improve information security and data protection.

But what about the Enforce Administrator itself in terms of security? Does it have vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit, for example? We regularly take care for this by external penetration tests and vulnerability scans.

In the pentest’s headlock

A penetration test (aka pentest ) is all about thinking like a “cyber criminal.” This means a pentest specialist – in our case, colleagues of Trovent Security GmbH – literally puts an IT system through the wringer.

During the security tests, Trovent’s experts look for gaps in Enforce Administrator. To do this, they use both manual and automated methods.

The result of the most recent pentest, which lasted several days, was clear: No security vulnerabilities or other anomalies have been found! Enforce Administrator mastered the “headlock” first-class, which is confirmed with a certificate.

What are advantages of the new pentest for our customers?

At FB Pro GmbH, we work and develop in an agile manner. In accordance with the PDCA cycle (Plan, Do, Check, Act), we review latest main versions of our products at short intervals. These checks include not only feature tests, but also security tests.

The new Pentest certificate from Trovent shows Enforce Administrator can be considered as a safe tool. And for our customers and partners, the award is proof of our high quality standards.

Would you like to use the Enforce Administrator?

Enforce Administrator is successfully implemented at companies by several partners, including FB Pro GmbH. We also provide setup and long-term support for our system hardening solution as part of our managed service.


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