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Overview of our Value Adding Partners

With our VAP (Value Adding Partners) we successfully cooperate in hardening projects – based on our product range in the environment of system hardening and secure system configuration.


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… is known as IT management consultancy. The experts manage the implementation of system hardening, perform compliance assessment and hardening audits. BC-Byte’s clients are active in the energy supply, financial and food supply sectors.


TEAL Technology Consulting

Secure Administration Environment and Secure Core Infrastructure (SAE and SCI) as well as system hardening are the focus of TEAL Technology Consulting. These services are used, for example, by companies in the telecommunications, financial and insurance sectors.



Companies need flexible IT solutions for their digitalization projects. TWL-KOM offers a comprehensive full-service package for this – from design and implementation to support during ongoing operations.


  • Our network and other partners

We cooperate strategically with the following organizations and companies. And we are members of these professionally oriented working groups.


networker NRW

Knowledge transfer and more: Together with networker NRW, we implement live webinars on the topic of system hardening, among other things.


eco – Association of the Internet Industry

Together with over 1,000 members worldwide, we are helping to shape the digital world of today and tomorrow at this association.

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CIS – Center for Internet Security

For the best possible advice to our customers and the development of system hardening tools, we access, for example, the CIS Benchmarks, the CIS Controls and the CIS-CAT Pro.


DISA – Defense Information Systems Agency

Our solutions such as the Audit Test Automation Package (AuditTAP) are based on standards, including those of the DISA STIGs – the Security Technical Implementation Guides.


GDD – Society for Data Protection and Data Security

Our employees receive their certifications as company data protection officers from the GDD.



Our employees are all manufacturer-certified without exception, because for us that is part of professional service.



We gain our expertise in Network Time Protocol (NTP) and Precision Time Procotol (PTP) through training at Meinberg.


BvD – Professional Association of Data Protection Officers

We use current data protection information such as that of the BvD to provide our customers with the best possible advice.

Successful collaboration in projects

We have already cooperated very successfully with the following companies in projects for several of our customers.


… supported us in the creation of guidelines, policies and concrete instructions for the use in the area of information security. The customer was a company in the insurance industry.



Trovent regularly provides us service solutions for vulnerability management and anomaly detection as well as penetration testing.


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