FB Pro GmbH: About us

What we want? To protect our customers’ data and information – and thus implicitly contribute to the safe use of the Internet.

How do we achieve this?  We implement in-depth IT security for our customers. And we always do so in a state-of-the-art, efficient and automated manner.

FB Pro GmbH was founded as an IT service provider in 2016 with this vision in mind. The mission statement quickly evolved into the mission that drives our team of around 20 every day.

Why our vision and mission are so important

IT security, data protection, and compliance are challenges that businesses of all sizes employ. MUST deal with. Because information security is not a “nice to have”, but a “must have”.

The protection of IT systems, customer data and business secrets has to be a matter for the boss! If hackers and other “cyber gangsters” attack successfully, this can have serious consequences for companies. In the worst case, the future of the entire business is threatened.

We firmly believe that IT security, data protection and compliance must be firmly anchored in the DNA of companies. To ensure that this succeeds and can really be lived, we provide support.

Our primary goal is to automate all necessary processes as far as possible. This is achieved through special measures and with the automation tools that we develop ourselves. This brings our customers significantly more efficiency in their day-to-day IT work and sustainable protection of all systems.

The services and products of FB Pro GmbH

    • IT consulting with focus on IT security
    • IT project management in the area of compliance, data protection and IT security
    • External operational support for IT security products
    • Development of tools for automated IT security

Our customers include global corporations and medium-sized companies, as well as service providers in the critical environment.

Automated IT security: our software solutions

To increase the speed and also the quality of IT security, FB Pro GmbH relies on its own tools and applications. We use these ourselves at our customers and distribute them via a partner network.

These are our core products:


The free AuditTAP checks the system hardening status of operating systems, web servers and applications. The checks are based on proven standards and recommendations, for example from Microsoft, the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) and the Center for Internet Security (CIS).

Enforce Suite

The Enforce Suite is a product family consisting of Enforce TAP and Enforce Administrator. It enables IT systems to be reliably secured by technical measures. This system hardening is automated and constantly monitored, creating a kind of “self-healing system”.

Our methods and ways of working

SCRUM, Waterfall, Prince, classic IT operations, DevOps, ITIL or maturity-based models: no matter which methods or processes are used – at the end of the day, our customers rightly expect usable results.

To achieve this goal, we rely on 3P, PDCA, Fail Fast and Kaizen.

3P: Product – People – Process

In order to successfully introduce and operate an IT solution, not only the technology (“Product”) plays an important role. In addition to trained and available people (“People”), measurable, documented and lived processes (“Process”) are necessary. This is the only way to ensure reliable and secure operation.

PDCA: Plan – Do – Check – Act

No technique or process is so good that it cannot be optimized even further! It is important to always remain flexible and to improve the status quo step by step.

In our customer projects as well as in our internal tool development we fall back on the proven PDCA cycle. We question the existing, improve the existing, measure and analyze the results – and then the cycle starts all over again.

All of this is done true to our motto “Getting things done!”

Fail fast – and improve

Errors happen. They should – and as quickly as possible in our internal test runs and quality management cycles. This is the only way to reliably improve the desired result and achieve the necessary maturity to run stably and safely.

Kaizen: training, training, training

Change for the better, Kaizen, is a Japanese philosophy of life and work. The striving to continuously optimize one’s performance and results is only possible with knowledge.

All employees of FB Pro GmbH attend professional trainings several times a year and complete important certifications. In this way, we succeed in always being “up to date” and getting better step by step.

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