Is your Microsoft Edge properly hardened? Do the check!

Do you use Microsoft Edge? Is it configured securely? With the latest AuditTAP version, you can check whether your browser complies with the strictest hardening requirements, among other things.

AudiTAP 5.8.0 is here!

The Audit Test Automation Package, AuditTAP or ATAP for short, has taken a leap forward. After version 5.7.1 was released in December 2023, version 5.8.0 has been available since the beginning of February 2024. It boasts a few important features, which we will briefly present to you here.

Tougher hardening checks for Microsoft Edge

AuditTAP has been scrutinizing Microsoft Edge for a long time. But so far, “only” the Microsoft Baselines have been used. These hardening recommendations comprise around 20 points. That was not enough for us!

That’s why AuditTAP 5.8.0 also uses the much “stricter” CIS benchmarks as a basis for checking the configuration of your browser. Our hardening tool now performs 135 additional tests for this purpose.

After the check, you will receive an evaluation of the extent to which your Edge hardening meets the requirements of Microsoft and the Center for Internet Security (CIS). The result may look like this, for example:

Microsoft Edge Hardening Check Report by AuditTAP (Image: FB Pro)

Why have our developers implemented the CIS hardening specifications? Because no company should neglect specific Browser Hardening as part of comprehensive System Hardening! Edge, Chrome and the like are the most important gateways to the Internet and are therefore important for hackers and data octopuses.

It is therefore essential that you configure your browsers in such a way that you prevent data espionage and at the same time significantly reduce the attack surfaces for “cyber gangsters”! With AuditTAP’s tougher MS Edge Hardening Check, you can see what you may still need to work on.

Better results for special configurations

The AuditTAP has also received further improvements. For example, the checks have been revised in such a way that they also correctly recognize somewhat more “exotic” configurations. This is because many hardening settings can be made in different ways. In some cases, this means that the AuditTAP has to query the required information in different places. The result: Your system may be securely configured, but the ATAP check still fails.

Our hardening tool now recognizes such situations better. And you get a more “real” results.

What else does AuditTAP 5.8.0 offer?

As you can see in the release notes, our developers have fixed numerous bugs and also added a few small but very nice new features. Among other things, there are adjustments and bug fixes for the CIS Debian checks (yes, AuditTAP is also suitable for Linux Hardening!). And there has been a “diet”, which is why the package size of AuditTAP 5.8.0 is significantly smaller compared to its predecessors.

Are you now interested in trying out and using the new AuditTAP? Then simply download it from GitHub! You can find tips on installation and getting started in this video:

Would you like to support the AuditTAP?

Then join the active community on GitHub! Give us your feedback there or request new features. We look forward to a fruitful exchange in order to iteratively optimize AuditTAP and adapt it to your wishes.

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