AuditTAP 4.14 now supports Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022

An update for AuditTAP has been released. Besides bug fixes, it also offers a few important new features.

AuditTAP: What does the update to version 4.14 offer?

The jump from version 4.13 to 4.14 may only be a minor update, but in terms of content, the new AuditTAP scores quite a few points.

Our developers have added these community-requested features to the latest version:

    • AuditTAP now also creates a report for hardened Windows 11 systems.
    • System hardening reports for Windows Server 2022 can also be generated.
    • The ACSC (Australian Cyber Security Center) audit groups for Windows 10 hardening recommendations have been updated.
    • In addition, there are a few bug fixes regarding IIS10.
    • And there were other optimizations we were able to implement. Thanks for  the feedback from our Github community!

You can find the detailed bugfix and feature list as well as the download of AuditTAP 4.14 on the GitHub page.

Why is the AuditTAP so important for system hardening?

The AuditTAP checks the configuration of your IT systems with regard to concrete, security-relevant settings. The transparent and easy-to-read HTML report tells you whether Windows 10 and Windows 11, MS Office, your browsers and other software solutions concur with the hardening recommendations of BSI, DISA, CIS, ACSC and Microsoft.

If your systems are not configured according to generally accepted hardening recommendations, it is important to eliminate this as soon as possible. For example, with a #NoCodeHardening tool like the Enforce Administrator.

Enforce Administrator: Get more Information

Enforce Suite: Download the leaflet (PDF)

Need help with system hardening?

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